Top Glamping in Samana Bay Dominican Republic.

Best Glamping Dominican Republic : Samana Bay Vista Luxury Camping.

What is Glamping ?

What Is Glamping? Glamping is a term that has arisen to define the concept of glamorous camping, it's camping in style, or luxury camping or camping without any of the hassle or hard work or dirt! We combine the luxuries of home with the beauty and extraordinary elements of nature to give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience outdoors! We love being a bridge to the outdoors for people who quite frankly really don't want to rough it. Glamping to us means an incredible outdoor camping experience that is beautiful, comfortable and incredibly memorable.

Our glamping tents comes with a real king bed with a plush mattress along with furnishings much like you'd like see in a hotel room or bedroom. Several of our tents even have a gorgeous wood deck, and full bathrooms with flushing toilet, ceramic sink, and hot shower within your glamping tent!

Our glamping camp at Samana Bay Vista is located on the Samana Peninsula overlooking the beautiful Samana Bay in the Dominican Republic.

Why go glamping?

If you want to avoid the struggle of setting up your own camping tent and lugging all of your equipment around, then come glamping with us! This allows you to be extra comfortable whilst connecting with nature without having to transport equipment across the country or even own equipment for that matter. Why taken on the work yourself when you can have all the fun without any of the hassle.

How to go glamping

Book your reservation with us, and we'll take care of all of the details! Simple pick up the phone or book on-line and our customer service experienced team is ready and waiting to help you plan your glamping vacation.

Do the tents and teepees have toilets?

Some do, yes! Our deluxe, suite, and stargazer tents all have private en-suite bathrooms with toilets, sinks, and even hot showers. Our other tents at our camps have access to luxury bath-houses with private stalls.

What about bugs and critters?

Well this is still camping after all! The great outdoors is still all around you and may occasionally find a way in. However, with daily housekeeping in your tent and great care and attention from our maintenance staff we'd be surprised if had any animal disturbances. Just remember to keep food out of your tent and critters won't be encouraged to venture in.

Things to do while glamping

Our glamping camp is located near many attractions and national parks and places of incredible natural beauty where you can stay active each day! There are plenty of adventures to be had hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, horseback riding on the beach, zip-line, waterfalls, fishing, scuba diving, sailing, private unspoiled, whale watching, and much much more.

What should I bring?

Thankfully just a suitcase full of your belongings without the car load of camping gear. We'll provide everything you would normally find in a hotel room and we'll ask you to bring your personal items. Don't forget to look at the weather before you come so you can be adequately prepared for the temperatures you are likely to encounter.

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